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Climosfera Restyling

15 years later from the beginning Climosfera renovates his imagine.

15 years from the beginning Climosfera renovates his imagine. We do this renovation with a new and innovative logo, strong and notable, aligned with the deep spirit of our soul. We do this renovation with a new website, reflecting our special way of being.
A needful renovation without abdicating our values, the foundations on which we base our professional life, ethic first of all.


Many steps from those days but we strongly look to the future, with so many new ideas on which develop and enlarge pur professional.

This is the road we’ve ever followed and the facts, until today, are giving us reason. We look with renewed confidence and optimism to our future challenges, knowing that only with professionally and ethic we will win them. In the same way we ever did until today.

Let us give a special thank to all the people that have collaborated with us until today (even the one no more cooperating), our most important resource. And finally a special thank to those who gave us their trust until today, our clients.

18th of march 2015