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Climosfera is an international engineering company, founded in 2000, specialized in new and innovative buildings’ projects and in the revamping of those existing.

Our solutions guarantee efficiency, comfort and sustainability, by using traditional and reliable technologies for innovative and renewable systems.
Our history is based on competence and…confidence, as proved by a long term collaboration with our major clients. Our confidence is built day by day, passing through different gates and solutions. Our key factors are our knowhow and ability to go beyond the basic design straight to the main target: sustainability.

Only one partner for our Customer: engineering and project management.

By a close professional partnership and co-operation with all who are involved in the project, Climosfera is the key player in all the project phases: feasibility and concept design, management of the project and constructive design, construction phase and delivery of the work accomplished and commissioned.

A multilevel and multicultural approach gives Climosfera the possibility to get to know and work with different clients interacting at its best in different countries, studying each case and offering a solution representing the optimum terms of architectural, technological and cultural integration.


Beyond engineering to find innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

Going beyond the engineering means to manage the entire project process, starting from the integrated building-services design: an essential tool for modern architecture.
By a multidisciplinary design we balance most of the different engineering activities, giving flexibility to our work. Innovation, reliability and sustainability in our work are the guarantee of comfort, efficiency, safety and well-being. Innovation, creativity, experience Our services, as designed by our engineers, are perfectly integrated in the structures, hidden in the building and able to give them an artificial intelligence. Our teams never stop to look for solutions with high level of technology, creative and innovative, starting from those whose experience has demonstrated operational, technical and economical advantages.


Over the years we improved our experience in the international panorama. By Climosfera, designing means trying to understand the local context and looking for the best technical solution: perfectly adaptable, flexible and sustainable, based on materials and resources available.

  • Climosfera manages every project with only one idea in its mind: to meet the desire of our clients in any case.
  • We always look for the best energy saving and environmental friendly solutions.
  • We design using the latest technologies, in order to create an energy system reliable, durable and with the highest quality standards.
  • We develop our activities reducing investment costs and working times.


Climosfera has not any prejudices to sex, race, religion, nationality and ideology against our employees, collaborators and clients. Our professional ethic requests that the client preliminary knows the cost and the engagement about our work, because the mutual confidentiality should be mostly guaranteed.

Finally we believe that our job and our talent have consequences on the surrounded environment. Our knowledge is at the service of this philosophy, respecting both environment and regulations.

Our professional ethic obliges us to follow this road.


  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & gas
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable Energy production
  • Hospitals and Health facilities
  • School buildings
  • Swimming pools and sport centers
  • Public infrastructure work
  • Public lighting
  • Accommodation
  • Food Courts and Restaurants
  • Residential
  • R&D department and lab